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Advanced Motion Graphics with After Effects Expressions

Publisher Harshit Srivastava

Course Language English

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to write Expressions in JavaScript to create animations with After Effects.
  • Additionally, you will learn how to implement various functions using expressions like Wiggle, ValueAtTime and Math round.
  • Learn how to create expressions such as Loop in and loop out, Random, Gaussian Random and Length.
  • Additionally, you will learn how to add different types of expression controls like a Slider, Checkbox and Color.


  • After Effects is a program that you must know the basics of, including how to set keyframes and transform properties, as well as general interface.
  • This course is for professionals and beginners who want to improve their After Effects skills through learning Expressions.


After Effects can be used to create motion graphics or visual effects. This powerful software is also used by creative professionals to create amazing animations. This software is widely used by professionals and hobbyists alike. What are the key factors that distinguish After Effects professionals from beginners?

Expressions. After Effects expressions are used by professionals to automate tasks and speed up work. Expressions allow you to add advanced functionalities that give you greater control over properties and attributes, such as frequency, amplitude and conditionals, loops and loops, and more.

This course will help you learn After Effects expressions starting from the basics. You will also be able to practice writing expressions using practical lessons.

This course will teach you how to use After Effects in a variety of ways:

  • Simple Wiggle ExpressionYou can manipulate Frequency or Amplitude to add motion to any object, such as position, rotation, transparency, scale, etc.
  • Time Expression– You can speed up or slow down any object, and make it follow another object by using time delay.
  • Value at a Time method– Retrieve coordinates and value for any object’s transformation properties, and then pass them to another object’s property.
  • Round Math– Round off any property’s value to the nearest decimal and display it on your screen.
  • Loop InAutomate your workflow by repeating keyframes (two or three) starting at the top of the timeline for a layer and continuing to the set keyframes. This can help you save time setting repeating keyframes.
  • Loop Out– A looping set of keyframes that runs from the beginning of a layer’s timeline to the end, similar to Loop In. It does not start at the beginning, but rather at the time that you set the looping keysframes.
  • Random methodUsing the Random method, you can generate random values within the range of parameters. You can use the generated values to trigger different effects or change values for various transformation properties.
  • Length– This method is used to calculate the length of any value change, such as distance between points or distance.
  • If You Can’t Find ItConditional logic can be used to create advanced motion graphics. You can set conditions or actions based on different situations. It is a core component of every programming language.
  • Time delay– Any effect you can have on an object in relation to another object’s time, with or without delay.

This course is designed for the following:

  • Anyone interested in learning Motion Graphics and Animation using After Effects.
  • Anybody who wants to share their ideas using Motion Graphics or Visual Effects.
  • Professionals who wish to improve their skills can learn After Effects Expressions.

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