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After Effects Essentials for Beginners

Publisher Dmitry Knyazev

Course Language English

What you’ll learn

  • After Effects allows you to create your first video.
  • You can create characters in After Effects without any other software
  • Learn how to correctly render and what to do for compression


  • Any version of After Effects. All of the stuff that we will create will be in After Effects.


This course will teach you how to create your very first motion graphics video using After Effects. This course is ideal for anyone who wants to quickly learn After Effects. This course will cover the basics of After Effects including how to use keyframes, create shapes and characters using pen tool, animation with puppet pin tool, as well as the working with keyframes. The course will teach you how to properly render the video and what presets to use.

Although the course doesn’t cover everything about After Effects, it will teach you the basics of motion graphics. You will learn everything over time. You can then move on to more complicated topics.

This course is designed for the following:

  • This course is intended for absolute beginners. You will likely know the majority of this stuff if you are familiar with After Effects. There are some tricks and tips I share that you should check out.

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