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AngularJS Authentication: Secure Your App with Auth0

AngularJS Authentication

Publisher Ryan Chenkie

Course LanguageEnglish

Basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
Basic AngularJS
General knowledge of single-page applications

Authentication for traditional web applications is fairly straightforward: we send our credentials to the web server, a session is created, and a cookie is returned to be conserved in the internet browser. This method functions well for round-trip applications, however, it isn’t a good way to do verification in modern-day single web page applications, like those built with AngularJS.

In this program, we are mosting likely to learn about the obstacles connected with standard authentication and exactly how to use what is perhaps the very best choice: the JSON Internet Symbol.

Utilizing that knowledge, we’ll execute authentication in an AngularJS app that makes calls to an Express API. We’ll cover how to attend to all the obstacles related to keeping a single page application in check when it involves stateless verification. This can be a challenging matter because the front end and also backend applications are properly divided, but we’ll learn how to utilize our customer’s JWT to address the obstacles.

We’ll utilize Auth0 as an identity and verification web server so that we don’t have to roll our very own.

Who this course is for:
AngularJS beginners to experts
NodeJS beginners
Web developers of all levels

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