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Basic Animation in Adobe After Effects

PublisherVadim Daschinsky

Language CourseEnglish



  • This course requires you to have a desire to create cartoons and a personal computer. You also need to know how to use it. We will show you all the required programs and footage in the course.


Let me clarify some details: This course was designed for the General-Animation training unit. Each new candidate who wishes to join our studio is sent to this course to quickly and efficiently learn about our work methods.

Many of our members live in developing countries, and have limited access to computers. We use Adobe After Effects 7.0 version to train students. It does not require any high-performance hardware but allows us to learn the basics of using the program.

Our animation technique has a major advantage: we work efficiently to achieve the best results at the lowest cost. Our course will teach you how to create animations in Adobe After Effects quickly and with minimal material costs. You can share our knowledge and enjoy nice bonuses.

Animation is too expensive to be spent on frivolous projects. We don’t make silly cartoons just to get views on Youtube. We are doing serious work that will make the world a better place. These things include, as I understand it, online education and promotion, scientific achievements, clean energy sources, and new progressive technologies. They also promote brotherhood among all peoples on the planet. This is the mission of all our projects.

Our primary goal is to allow people from developing countries to use modern computer technologies to help them escape the poverty and illiteracy. We don’t use any software that requires a high-performance computer in our lessons. This is to make it possible for students from developing countries who often have outdated computers to work with us. We offer small incentives bonuses to encourage students’ interest in computer technology. We are pleased to welcome you to our experimental course. The information is presented in an entertaining, easy-to-understand format. There are animated characters that will show you how to make cartoons using Adobe After Effects. This course is for you if you’re looking for an easy and efficient way to create cartoons.

Adobe After Effects Basic Animation is more than a training program. It’s a lifestyle and philosophy. It is based on the belief that man’s primary purpose in life is to create and be an artist. Animation is a popular and inexpensive art form that can help you discover your creative talents.

After Effects allows you to create animation quickly and efficiently. This frees up your creative energy for the greatest areas of human activity. Learn After Effects and share your projects and ideas with us. Together, we can create cartoons!

Adobe After Effects is not required if you don’t have it. The studens version can be downloaded from our website General-Animation.com

This course is designed for the following:

  • This course is intended for students from all backgrounds who wish to learn the basics of Adobe After Effects. They will also learn how to create animations using the program.

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