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Blender 3d basics: an intuitive approach

Publisher Shaishav Vashi

Course Language English


This is the age information. You can find many videos online that explain the basics of Blender. However, I found that many of them focus on making a specific object or item.3D modeling is a trial-and-error process.Not only should one be able to use the software, but also how to handle an unsolved situation.This is what I mean by “It’s all about me”“Intuition”It is possible. To develop intuition, one must face different kinds of challenges.

I learned 3D modeling from books. Although it was slow, it was much more efficient than learning it from videos. One of the differences was the richness and depth of information in books. This course focuses on developing your 3D skills, but also your ability develop strategies for different scenarios. It is a lot more rich than traditional how-to videos.

This course will take us through

– The user interface and basic functions of Blender

-A process that blocks everything using basic shapes.

-Next, we’ll model various meshes in edit mode.

– Next, we’ll learn how to make various types of materials and compare them with each other.

We will also be learning how to map and hide different textures one another

– Learn the basics of modifiers

-The final project is where all skills will be put to the test.

– The Ultimate beginner challenge requires creative thinking.

If you can pass the ultimate challenge, then you’re already quite skilled in this field and should keep at it.

However, I hope that you will enjoy the course.I will continue to upload new videos as and whenever necessary.

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