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Blender Basics

English [Auto]
What you’ll learn
  • 3D modeling and creation
  • A simple character is Rig
  • Blender Animate
  • You can lighten a scene or change the camera angle.
  • Render 3D and 2D animations


  • Blender (Free software download for Mac and PC)


This is how it worksBlenderYou will also learn the basics ofAnimation, modeling, rigging, and lighting.AndCamera techniquesThese tutorials will help you create your own animations.

No matter if you are looking to create 3D animations or 2D animations,Blender BasicsThis is an ideal online class. You will also learn how to make particles and render animations.

Blender is a great tool for learning.Start your career in 3D animationYou can also create your own videoPromote your businessOr if you wish toYour YouTube channel can be spiced upThis class will help you achieve your creative goals.

This course is designed for the following:

  • Artists, animators, filmmakers, designers and artists who want to learn how 3D software works.
  • Blender beginners

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