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Blockchain and Cryptocurrency – Learn by playing a game!

Publisher Jesse Himmelstein

Course Language English


  • There are no prerequisites Although this course is intended for beginners, even programmers can benefit from it.


Blockchain Battle is a unique experience that allows you to dive deep into the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. It’s built around a videogame.

Many believe the blockchain technology is revolutionary and could transform international finance, economic exchanges, logistics and even art and entertainment.

Blockchain is difficult to grasp because it sounds so abstract. Although there are many videos and articles on the topic, cryptocurrency is still a mystery to most people. To understand how cryptocurrency works, it is important to take a deep dive and then manipulate it. This is why games are the best tool to accomplish this task.

Play Curious has created an innovative online class that combines a narrative videogame with high-quality instructional videos. The game allows you to play a simulation of a blockchain and solve puzzles with other hackers. The videos will give you a better understanding of the history and ramifications as well as fun anecdotes that will satisfy your curiosity.

This class will teach you key computing concepts like cryptographic keys and hash functions. It also covers the history of money, Byzantine General’s problem, and the challenges involved in building distributed systems.

Are you ready to experience the Blockchain Battle?

Let’s get started!

This course is designed for the following:

  • All walks of life are interested in learning more about blockchain and cryptocurrency.
  • People interested in fintech and how cryptocurrencies fit in (and out) of the financial system.
  • Cryptography and math puzzle fans who want to see how these concepts can be used to create a blockchain
  • Engineer students interested in learning how to build this distributed system.
  • Students in business are eager to learn more about cryptocurrency.
  • Anybody who is just curious about new technology and its potential impact on society

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