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Looping Animations in After Effects for Beginners

Publisher Bryan Webb

Course Language English

What you’ll learn

  • This course will give you a solid understanding of basic animations.
  • Navigation Basic After Effects
  • How to make a simple looping animation.
  • How to import assets from Photoshop ready for animation
  • Animation techniques for smooth and fun animations
  • Keyframing elements are placed around the screen.
  • Add effects and basic color corrections.
  • Basic introduction to motion graphics.
  • How to parent layers
  • Exporting your animation as a.mp4 or Gif.
  • How to create and animate Shape Layers


  • Adobe After Effects and Photoshop are required.
  • This course is ideal for intermediate and beginner animators. This course will guide you through the process step-by-step.


This course is ideal for animators and motion graphics designers. This course is designed for beginners who are interested in looping animations. You can follow the steps step-by-step to learn everything.

  • Importing
  • Keyframing animations
  • Parenting
  • Easey Ease
  • Color Correction
  • Basic effects
  • Work with shape layers
  • Export to.mov, and conversion to.gif

You’ll be able create looping animations in After Effects by the end of the course.

Bryan is my name. I’m a motion graphics designer, animator, and college instructor. I’ve worked on animated television series and network documentaries, and I would love to share the knowledge and tips I have learned along my journey.

This course is designed for the following:

  • Motion Graphic Artists, Explainer Videos Designers, and Beginner Animators are all available.

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