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Save Time in Face Animation with Cartoon Animator 4 Pipeline

Publisher 2D Animation 101 Courses

Course Language English

What you’ll learn

How to rig a cartoon character for animation fast in Cartoon Animator 4

Use natural facial expressions to make your characters appear more alive than robotic and fake.


  • Learn how to download files
  • Learn how to install software
  • Learn how to copy/paste files within your computer


This course will teach you how to make fast facial animations.

This training will take you about an hour and a quarter and you’ll be able create characters that look natural, real, and not robotic and fake.

I’ll show you how to make those animations super fast using Cartoon Animator 4 Pipeline.

Instead of having to draw every frame for every change in the face, position of the eyes, etc., I will show you how to create animated characters using powerful controls within Cartoon Animator 4.

Live Motion Capture allows you to control the acting of your character.

This course will show you how to prepare all this, so that you can create smooth animations with great timing.

Let’s get going! We’ll see you there.

This course is designed for the following:

  • Animation is a great way to bring your ideas to life for creative people

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