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Start with HTML5/CSS3 & Bootstrap (2021)


Publisher Guillaume Duhan

Course LanguageEnglish

Invite on Begin with HTML5/CSS3 & Bootstrap, a program for outright novices in HTML & CSS!

You are a fresh new design and you would like to find out how to code? Or you simply wish to understand HTML/CSS? So this lesson is created for you.

In this program, we’ll discover slowly how to start coding. We’ll take time to clarify exactly how HTML, as well as CSS, are working by creating our very own blog site. What a fantastic purpose! Detailed, this is what we are going to find out:

Mount our code editor,

Discover how to use it,

Develop our initial HTML file,

Create our first HTML lines,

Display components such as title, text, images & videos,

Linking HTML pages,

Understand website design,

Stylizing our pages with CSS,

Importing font family members,

Mount and recognize Bootstrap,

Designing our whole blog with Bootstrap.

What is Bootstrap and also why?

Bootstrap is one of the most prominent CSS Framework for developing receptive and also mobile-first internet sites. It is a tool that is most likely to help us to develop components and also layout truly fast! I want to show you just how powerful is Bootstrap and how much time you can save with this remarkable CSS structure.

As a front-end developer because 10 years now and also a code instructor in french schools for designers, I made this training course to show you how to start with code. HTML and also CSS are the fundamentals languages of the internet. Day-to-day, we use them to present internet sites we go to on our web browser but most of us do not even understand exactly how it works. This is why I’ve produced this course.

So if you prepare to start coding with each other, let’s go!

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